Unit Guide Aims:

The Pitch

Length: 3 minutes

To present or ‘pitch’ your proposed project idea to your supervisor and second marker, who will give you immediate and constructive feedback to help improve your idea. You will need to outline your idea, demonstrating that your feature is appropriate for your target programme, that it is original and topical, and of interest to your specific target audience. You should also have researched your potential interviewees, alongside outlining your ideas for various online treatments of your documentary.

Chosen Medium: Radio Documentary Project

Length: 7 minutes

Your specialism will be broadcast radio and you will have to provide an original journalistic piece that is investigative or expository in style. Your piece must be ambitious and creative, with solid technical skills shown.

Extra: Online Multimedia Blog

Must be a combination of text, video and audio that adds contact to your documentary and explores the production process. It should be a creative production of your documentary and reflect on key moments.