Radio Scheduling

5.4.12 – Radio does not have a watershed.  Our scheduling decisions should be based on the audience expectations of each radio service and informed by our knowledge of when children are particularly likely to be in our audience.  We must take extra care when different generations may be listening together.  This typically applies during the morning and afternoon school runs or during school holidays.  Unexpected or challenging material should be clearly signposted to avoid causing unjustifiable offence. 

When considering the date and time for potential broadcast – must take into consideration the hours that particular listeners tune – especially if children are popular listeners of a particular channel. 

5.4.14 – We should consider using on-air announcements to inform listeners about programmes which contain difficult or controversial material which would otherwise be unexpected on our speech services such as Radio 4, Radio 5 Live, the World Service and other national and local stations.  These services are predominantly for adult listeners and their audiences expect to hear a full range of issues and events explored throughout the schedule.

I intend to put disclaimers throughout the documentary to ensure listeners of some sensitive or difficult information to follow – allowing them the chance to not listen any further. 


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